My name is Emily Simonis. I am a graphic designer with over ten years of professional experience. More than six of those years were spent at a design firm, and for the past five years I have been self-employed as a freelance designer.

As a freelance business owner and previously as an employee at a small design firm, I have had the benefit of wearing many graphic design "hats". I interact first hand with clients and I have managed budgets and challenges. I have worked with large companies and start-ups, and on big team projects as well as small jobs. I am open-minded about the needs that each company, position and assignment requires. I can take direction, or take charge, and everything in between.

I have an AWESOME stable of really great clients that make me love my job. (You know who you are!) But I'm always looking to create new relationships with equally awesome new clients.

In my free time, I'm a mom. Who am I kidding? This mom thing appears to be a full-time gig. Who knew?! My two beautiful gifts, Vera (8) and Elias (5) keep me guessing and keep me laughing. And my husband, Chad, brings home the health insurance, so I can keep working from home in my pajamas. Add in one dog and a fence (not white-picket, but still), and I'm one lucky girl. I love reading, traveling and word games.